Airflow equipment’s product offerings include more than 100 products, and can be broadly classified into four business categories:


Transportation :

The company is a leading supplier of different products to the Indian Railways including the Integral Coach Factory at Chennai, Maharashtra Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC), Delhi Metro ( DMRC).

The products supplied to the Railways can be broadly classified as follows:

Nose cone for bullet trains in the field of aerodynamics
Sliding doors and windows for railway coaches
Modern Gangways
Seating Concepts
Stainless steel shell assembly
Complete fabrication of parts like roofing, sideways in polycarbonate
Green Toilet in trains
Interiors for trains
AC & Ventilation Units for Trains
The company started manufacture of nose cones for bullet trains for the international markets in collaboration with a German company Krapf and Lex Nachf.Verkehstechnil GmbH and Co.KG. The company recently supplied seating products for MRVC. The seats are manufactured with imported   polycarbonate sheets with stainless steel frames, a first in the industry. Airflow Equipments supplied stain steel shell assembly to the Malaysian Railways. Airflow Equipments also produced covers for the emergency feed terminals for the Angolan Railways. The company pioneered the concept of the use of polycarbonate for use in the roofings and sideways of railway coaches. Modern gangways are also being manufactured by the company in their factory at Chennai. Unique sliding doors and windows are also produced by the company for use in the Indian Railways. The company proposes to supply green toilets for use in the Indian rail coaches. These green toilets which are eco-friendly are next-generation toilets where the waste would be evacuated using a suction pump, and later incinerated. The company also proposes to manufacture the futuristic LHB-Type coaches which are approved for use by the Indian Railways. The company would produce these coaches at the Integral Coach Factory at Chennai.


Airflow’s products are much in demand in the areas that require the highest level in cleanliness, and consequently great efficiency in air conditioning.

The company has manufactured and supplied products like supply and return air grilles, supply and return air diffuser, supply and return modulinear slot diffuser, various kinds of grilles, and other products to HVAC installation companies.

The company’s products to the HVAC industry are broadly classified as follows:

Air Ducts
The products are utilized in the following industries:
Software Industries
Rail Coaches
Hospital operating Theaters and ICUs
Atomic Research Plants
Pharmaceutical Industries
Film processing Units
Food processing Industries
Aerospace Engineering
The company has a long and fruitful association with almost all the leading air conditioning manufacturers in India and their dealers.